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Learn French in France

Le Mas d'Arjac's French courses for adults are aimed primarily at those who wish to revive or refresh previously learned French. Maybe you took French for O Level/GCSE or A level some time ago and wish to bring it back to the front of your mind. Or perhaps you are taking French at night school and could do with a week of intense practice to take your skills up an extra notch. Whatever the case, a week spent working with one of our tutors and drenching yourself in the French language and culture in an idyllic setting, will without doubt be une expérience inoubliable!


Our courses are best suited to groups of friends, family or colleagues who are happy to live together for a week and share costs. While we occasionally offer specific weeks for individual learners to book directly with us, our ad hoc group courses are available all year round except July and August.



We offer seven days courses of intensive teaching and conversation for between 4-8 students led by one of our highly experienced French teachers and in a fully immersive French setting.


Morning lessons will focus on building confidence in the four key skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing and help will be given to understand key grammar points such as accurate use of tenses, correct use of genders and expressions of time.


Afternoons are left free for students to absorb French culture, by getting out and about to experience this wonderful part of South West France.






Evenings will be spent either around the dinner table of the Long House or at one of our many excellent local restaurants. Late evenings provide the chance to watch something from our DVD library of French films or TV series in the salon of the Long House.